Interested in science communication?

Anyone can talk about science. And we believe everyone should have a platform for at least trying it out, and spreading the word about the awesome scientific and technological advances going on right now.

It can be hard to get a start in this business, so if you want to try out the whole sci comm thing without committing to starting your own blog, we’re giving you the opportunity to have a guest post here! Send us a message detailing what you want to do (write, illustrate, animate or any other creative communication method) and a tiny little bit about who you are and why you’re motivated to try this out (just so we know you’re not a robot!) and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Also, if you have any cool sciencey events coming up let us know and we’ll give them a shout out in our regular events updates!

Now go forth and shout science from the rooftops!